Ghostworks Book 2


Ghostworks Book 2


From the bestselling author of the ‘Mr Midnight’ and ‘Mr Mystery’ books, which have sold over 3 million copies around the world, comes a fantastically creepy and thoroughly absorbing new series. Each Ghostworks book contains two chilling tales which will entrance young readers.

Book 2 features:


Holly and her friends are convinced something’s wrong with their school gardener. Could he be … a vampire?


Oscar gets more than he bargained for when his GPS disturbs a gang of ghostly crooks!

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An excerpt from Ghostworks Book 2 by James Lee

I’m Holly Bramble. And I’m like any other girl at my school. Except for one thing. I’m an expert on vampires!

So is my friend Annie Lane.

Together, we have collected more books about vampires and visited more vampire websites than anyone I know.

Ask us any questions about vampires and we’ll tell you the answer.

Like the time one of the boys in our class — Ryan Robinson — came up to Annie and me in the school cafeteria and said, “Hey, is it true that you can kill a vampire by putting a stake through its heart?”

“Of course,” Annie said, taking a bite of her lunch, a bread roll stuffed with stinky cheese. It smelled like the inside of a coffin. A very old coffin. “That’s what they did in Romania.”

Ryan looked baffled. “Where’s that?”

“Ryan, don’t you know anything?” I asked him. “Romania is a small European country famous for vampires. They were called strigoi.”

Annie arched an eyebrow. “You see, Ryan, the vampires were corpses who went out of their graves at night to feed on the blood of the living, either by biting their necks or stomachs. After drinking their victims’ blood, they went back to their graves. The person they’d bitten grew pale and wasted away, but the vampire’s corpse grew fat and got rosy red.”

I poured tomato ketchup onto my sandwich and went on, “Annie’s right. So the Romanians got smart. They figured the only way to stop vampires was to open their graves and pierce their hearts with iron rods.”

Ryan tore his gaze from my tomato ketchup and asked, “But how would they know which graves belonged to vampires?”

“They didn’t.” I wiped ketchup from my lips. “So what the villagers did was to open every grave! After someone died, the villagers waited from five to seven years,  andthendug up their remains. If they found signs of vampirism, they ran a stake through the person’s remains. If the corpse was just normal, then the remaining bones were washed and reburied.”

“Sick,” muttered Ryan.

“It’s better than waking up one night to find someone biting your neck,” Annie pointed out.

Ryan scowled. “Are you sure it’s all true about vampires?”

I rolled my eyes. “Ryan, if you don’t believe me, you can go to Bulgaria. That’s another country in Europe where they had vampires. That’s where they found a skeleton that was 800 years old, stabbed through the chest with an iron rod.”

“And did they only use metal stakes to kill vampires?” he wanted to know.

“Mostly,” I answered, licking my lips. “Though in Germany and Russia, they used wooden stakes as well. And the Russians liked to stake vampires through the mouth.”

Annie gave him a mysterious smile. “Of course, peopledidn’talwayswaituntilvampires were dead. In some parts of Germany when someone was suspected of being a vampire, they had their head cut off and it was buried between their feet. That way, if the corpse came back to life and tried to roam from its grave it couldn’t, because it couldn’t reach its head.”

Ryan swallowed noisily.

I finished my sandwich and wiped ketchup from my fingertips. “Anyway, Ryan, why are you asking us all these questions?”

“Yes, why?” demanded Annie. “You and your friends are always rude to us. You’re always making jokes about our vampire hobby.”

Ryan looked as though someone had driven a steel spike through his heart. He turned pale. “Promise you won’t laugh,” he said.

“Sure,” I said, wondering what his big secret was.

Ryan took a deep breath to steady his nerves and replied, “I think I’ve found the body of a vampire buried behind the school!”