Ghostworks Book 4


Ghostworks Book 4


From the bestselling author of the ‘Mr Midnight’ and ‘Mr Mystery’ books, which have sold over 3 million copies around the world, comes a fantastically creepy and thoroughly absorbing new series. Each Ghostworks book contains two chilling tales which will entrance young readers.

Book 4 features:


George has a weird dream. Then he begins finding mysterious messages. But before he can save himself and his friends, he must deal with Luther of the Otherworld!


On Casey’s family holiday in Rome, she visits many exciting landmarks. Until she reaches the ancient Coliseum – where a grisly ghostly gladiator is waiting!

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An excerpt from Ghostworks Book 4 by James Lee

My name is George Pepper and I had a dream.

I was in a building I’d never been in before. I didn’t know what the outside of the building looked like, but inside it was big.

It was also dark and deserted.

The floor was tiled. Black and white, like a great big chessboard.

And I wasn’t alone.

My two best friends were with me: Gina Gatenby and Charles Chan.

We were standing there, just the three of us, and we were looking at this enormous staircase. The stairs were wooden. And they climbed high into the shadows above.

We had no idea where the staircase went.

But I wanted to find out.

I signaled for my friends to follow me. I crept forward and placed my right foot on the bottom step.

I heard a creaking sound.

Then I lifted my left foot and placed it on the bottom step as well. The wood creaked again.

I stared straight up the stairs.

There could have been a window up high, I wasn’t sure, but it seemed to me that there was a patch of light up there. Not bright light. Just one part of the shadows that wasn’t as dark as the rest.

I felt a hand tugging my arm. It was Gina, her eyes round with terror, and she was mouthing a word: No.

I took another step higher. Then another.

And I woke up, bathed in perspiration.